What To Expect When You Buy Benchmade Knives

In Tennessee, consumers choose knives according to what features the products offer. When using the knives, the consumers want a product that opens easily and has a sharp blade. Tactical knives with automatic opening features provide both. The knives offer fast opening features with push-buttons or a quick release lever. Inspecting the features and specifications of the products helps consumers make a well-informed decision.

4400SBK Casbah Automatic Knives

The automatic knives feature the push-button automatic opening features. The blade length is 3.40 inches and offers a serrated edge. Select models are coated black for better concealing. The blade thickness is 0.114 of an inch. The knife is 7.8 inches when open and 4.40 inches when closed. The handle thickness is 0.59 of an inch. The product weights 3.43 ounces overall.

4600 Phaeton-OTF Automatic Knives

The blade of the knife opens from the front of the product with an easy release mechanism. The blade thickness is 0.112 of an inch. The product is 8.08 inches when it is open and 4.63 inches when it is closed. The handle thickness is 0.47 of an inch. The total weight of the knife is 3.01 ounces. It is available in black and dark earth colors. Steel plain blades and black coated choices are also available through the product line.

4700 Precipice-OTF Automatic Knives

The Precipice knives feature front side opening with a fast release mechanism. The blade length is 3.45 inches and has a thickness of 0.124 of an inch. The product measures 8.23 inches when open and 4.78 inches when it is closed. The handle thickness is 0.47 of an inch. The total weight of the product line is 3.31 ounces. The blades are plain with a spear point. The product is used for tactical purposes only.

5700 Auto Presidio II Automatic Knives

The knives feature the automatic Axis opening for faster blade release. The blade length is 3.72 inches an is 0.124 of an inch thick. The product is 8.72 inches when open and 5 inches when closed. The total weight of the product is 6.31 ounces.

In Tennessee, consumers review a variety of knives according to the features offered. The products must offer a better self-defense opportunity and fast opening features. Consumers who want to learn more about superior products can buy Benchmade knives right now.

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